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Dear Listed Members,

Could anybody
tell me whether the following essays are digitally available?1. Kshetres Chattopadhyay,  Winternitz and Roy
Chowdhury on the Antiquity of the Rgveda, in Indian Culture, Vol. III, p.9‏

2. Kshetres Chattopadhyay, The Vrsakapi Hymn,
Allahabad university studies, vol.I,1925, pp97-156

3. Kshetres Chattopadhyay,  On the
Identification of the Rgvedic river Saraswati and some connected problems,
Journal of the Department Letters, Calcutta University Vol XV, 1927, pp1-63
Whether pdf files of these books by Kshetres Chandra are available:a) Date of Kalidasa, Allahabad, 1926 ; b) Studies in Vedic and Indo-Iranian Religion and Literature, Edited by Vidya Niwas Mishra, Varanasi 1976 c) Rig Vedic River Saraswati, Book ID NBC 1687, ISBN 81-85-119-06-6, Northern Book Centre, 1986d) Eshakenopanishad (First Edition 1916), Reprinted in University Bi-Centenary Series, (Ed. B.N. Mishra), Vol VIII, Sampurnanand Sanskrit University, 1992; e) Vedavittaprakasika, 1966.
I tried a lot but perhaps could not find out any source. 
RegardsDebabrata Chakrabarti


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