[INDOLOGY] Hess' "SIDDHARTHA" in Sanskrit

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk at gmail.com
Sat Jan 4 15:50:46 UTC 2014

Dear Soni,

The email addresses on the INDOLOGY list (the only one I can speak for) are
definitely not public.  Users can't download the membership list.  (Or
shouldn't be able to: please tell me if you find it possible to do so.)
But of course you are perfectly welcome to forward messages about new
scholarship to the INDOLOGY list membership. That's what the list is for.
And Siddhartha in Sanskrit is fun, of course, and interesting to the

The problem is, that your message quoted another message that indeed asked
for mass email addresses.  "We wish to send a copy of this translation to
Sanskrit scholars and Universities in Europe/America. Would you please
provide us the names and email address of scholars and universities who
might be interested in having the translation?"  Although you know better,
obviously, there's no telling what third party might pick up this request
and start harvesting INDOLOGY addresses for the Muni.  I completely realize
that nobody is being deliberately naughty here, but some people are
incredibly protective of their email addresses, and would resign en mass
from any forum that was perceived to be facilitating unsolicited mass
mailings.  I'm trying to be protective on behalf of the INDOLOGY membership.


On 4 January 2014 15:59, <soni at staff.uni-marburg.de> wrote:

> Dear Dominik,
> It is clear that I have not mentioned a single email address of any
> members of any LISTS.  No one will get the electronic Siddharta without
> personally asking for it.
> The email addresses of the LISTS themselves are public, aren't they? If it
> was an error on my part to make these known to persons mentioned in my Cc,
> I sincerely apologise for this.
> Thank you in any case for the caution you raised.
> With best wishes,
> Jay
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>  Dear Dominik,
>> So far as I can determine from this thread, our colleague Jay Soni
>> responded to the request not by distributing anyone's address, but merely by
>> forwarding the original message with the suggestion that we respond
>> individually. His Netiquette thus seems to have been impeccable.
>> But thank you for the reminder.
>> best,
>> Matthew
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>> Subject: Re: [INDOLOGY] Hess' "SIDDHARTHA" in Sanskrit
>> The addresses of the members of the INDOLOGY forum are not public.  It
>> is, in any circumstances, a violation of internet Netiquette<
>> http://indology.info/email/email-rfc-1855/> to distribute other people's
>> email addresses.
>> While this Siddhartha translation will be interesting to many Sanskrit
>> scholars, the forced distribution by wrongly shared email addresses is
>> absolutely the wrong way to share the work.  Most people will be angry that
>> their email address has been given to a distributor without their
>> permission, and correspondingly unhappy to receive this work.  It will
>> create the opposite of the intended impression.
>> I would ask all members of the INDOLOGY list to remember that it is a
>> violation of the list's terms to distribute other members' email addresses.
>> Dominik Wujastyk
>> INDOLOGY committee
>> On 3 January 2014 16:47, <soni at staff.uni-marburg.de<mailto:
>> soni at staff.uni-marburg.de>> wrote:
>> Message passed on to you on behalf Muni Sheelchandrasuriji:
>> "I am happy to inform you that one of my disciples has translated Herman
>> Hess' classic novel "SIDDHARTHA" into Sanskrit from its English translation
>> We wish to send a copy of this translation to Sanskrit scholars and
>> Universities in Europe/America. Would you please provide us the names and
>> email address of scholars and universities who might be interested in
>> having the translation?"
>> If Sanskrit readers would like to take advantage of this generous offer
>> and have a copy of the  translation please write to Muniji directly at:
>> sheelchandrasuriji at yahoo.com<mailto:sheelchandrasuriji at yahoo.com> with a
>> Cc to mahavir2400 at gmail.com<mailto:mahavir2400 at gmail.com>
>> With best wishes,
>> Jay Soni
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