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Would it really be possible that vaidika pandits learn by heart such huge
amounts of text, and are able to reproduce them correctly, syllable by
syllable and tone by tone?
The following clips demonstrate the predominant orality and memory culture
in current Vedic schools.
Among these clips, the second is a proof that at least the group of
students studying the Saamaveda on that day (pre-dawn hour) in February
2001 did not use any hidden piece of paper to read the text of their
lengthy chants: see what happened to their chant when there is a failure of
electricity and the light goes off.
The chanting tradition followed here is that of the rare Ranayaniya school
of the Saamaveda.
The fourth clip shows the performance of the Pravadbhaargava saaman earlier
studied by the students.
Intended public of these clips:
students in Indology, Indian Studies, Ritual Studies, History of Education,
History of Music, Ethnomusicology.


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