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Dear James,

I apologize for my very late response to your question.  Here in northern
New England of the USA we have recently suffered a severe pre-winter
snowstorm which has knocked out electricity for hundreds of thousands of
us.  Many of us have only recently managed to get back online.  And then of
course there are the end of the semester duties....

My interest in Zoroastrianism is focused primarily on the period before the
one that you are interested in.  But for the Achaemenid and Macedonian
periods, which cover the first half of the period of your interest, there
are the second and third volumes of Mary Boyce's "A History of
Zoroastrianism" [1982; 1991].  Besides this three volume history, she also
published a short history of Zoroastrianism [published by Routledge, I
think; my copy of that book is buried in a storage unit miles from where I

I would also recommend the work of Oktor Skjaevo, who has recently
published a book for non-specialists, "The Spirit of Zoroastrianism," which
covers your period of interest.  The literature on this period is
enormous.  Perhaps a visit to the online Encyclopedia Iranica would be a
place to start.

Is your interest in *historical contacts* between Zoroastrians and Hindus
of this period?

Best wishes,

George Thompson

On Wed, Nov 26, 2014 at 12:50 PM, James Hegarty <hegartyjm at googlemail.com>

> Dear Colleagues,
> Can anyone point me to work that takes up possible connections (beyond a
> common Indo-European heritage) between Zoroastrianism and  Indic religions?
> I am especially interested in the period from the C5th BCE to the C5th CE.
> Thanks and Best Wishes,
> James Hegarty
> Cardiff University
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