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Dear colleagues and friends,

I just noticed that the flyer was deleted from my email when sending it to
the list. If you would like a copy of the book flyer, which can also be used
to order the book, please write to me directly and I will forward it to you.

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On [DATE], "Julia Hegewald" <[ADDRESS]> wrote:

> Dear colleagues and friends,

I am happy to share with you information on my
> latest book, which came out
in May and which is an edited volume on the
> concept of the 'golden age' in
Asian art. 

The book is the first volume of a
> new publication series, called 'Studies in
Asian Art and Culture' (SAAC) which
> I have just established with
EB-Publishers in Berlin. This year, the first
> three volumes of the series
will appear in print. For further information see
> (

Below are information on Volume 1  which can be order from
> EB-Publishers
directly (http://www.ebverlag.de, or by sending an email
> to:
post at ebverlag.de), by using the attached flyer or via Amazon
> Germany

In the Shadow of the Golden Age:
Art and Identity in
> Asia from Gandhara to the Modern Age

Julia A. B. Hegewald (ed.)
May 2014  
> 584 pages   EB-Verlag, Berlin  
Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-86893-149-5
> 98,00

This volume examines and debates the validity and usefulness of the
> concept
of the golden age when investigating, structuring and categorising
> Asian and
Islamic art. The book contains contributions from fifteen
> renowned
international specialists in the visual arts and humanities working
> on
material from a wide range of periods and regions throughout Asia and
> the
Islamic world.
Instead of concentrating on the so-called ‘high points’
> and ‘golden ages’ of
art, which have so far stood at the centre of
> art-historical enquiries, this
text focuses on visual expressions of
> confrontation with the ‘other’ during
times of change. These challenging but
> artistically often very fertile
periods were marked by intense efforts by
> communities in search of new
Through their art and frequently
> through the re-use of old symbols in new
settings they have succeeded in
> redefining themselves so as to strengthen
their religious, cultural or
> political position. In the history of art,
these less investigated phases
> raise new issues, which contribute
significantly to the discipline.
The book
> has been enriched with a Foreword by Partha Mitter, has a valuable
> and is beautifully illustrated. It offers novel insights to the
specialist and
> introduces a fascinating new area of enquiry to the general

Susan L. Huntington, Ciro Lo Muzio, John C. Huntington, Petra
> H. Rösch,
William A. Southworth, Sarah Shaw, Christoph Emmrich, Tiziana
> Lorenzetti,
Julia A. B. Hegewald, Mallica Kumbera Landrus, Jennifer Howes,
> Eva-Maria
Troelenberg, Nalini Balbir, Parul Dave Mukherji, Regina
> Höfer.

Table of Contents
The Golden Age, History and Memory in
> Modernity
Partha Mitter
Chapter 1
Introduction: Out of the Shadow
> of the Golden Age
Julia A. B. Hegewald
Chapter 2 
Buddhist Art Through a
> Modern Lens:
A Case of a Mistaken Scholarly Trajectory
Susan L. Huntington

Chapter 3
The Legacy of Gandhāra in Central Asian Painting
Ciro Lo Muzio

Chapter 4
The ‘Movable’ Golden Ages:
‘Western’ Asiatic Art Beyond its
> Homeland and Transitioning to Central and
North-East Asia
John C. Huntington

Chapter 5
‘Golden Age’ and ‘Decline’ in Art-Historical Writing on Chinese
> Buddhist
Sculpture: Describing a Shifting Discourse
Petra Hildegard
> Rösch

Chapter 6
The Alteration and Destruction of Buddhist Images at
> Angkor,
During the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries
William A. Southworth

Chapter 7
Art and Narrative in Changing Conditions:
Southern Buddhist Temple
> Art as an Accommodation of the New and Diverse
Sarah Shaw
> 8
Performing Endangerment: Damage, Loss and Maintenance in the
> Historiography
of Newar Religious Artefacts
Christoph Emmrich
> 9
Political and Social Dimensions as Reflected in Medieval Indian
> Sculpture:
Comparisons, Antagonism, Identity
Tiziana Lorenzetti
> 10
Golden Age or Kali-Yuga?:
The Changing Fortunes of Jaina Art and Identity
> in Karnataka
Julia A. B. Hegewald
Chapter 11
Trans-Cultural Temples:
> Identity and Practice in Goa
Mallica Kumbera Landrus
Chapter 12
> ‘Company School’ Art from 1780 to 1820: Collecting Versus DocumentingJennifer
> Howes
Chapter 13
The ‘Golden Age’ and the Secession:
Approaches to Alterity
> in Early Twentieth-century World Art
Eva-Maria Troelenberg

Chapter 14
> Texts, New Images:
Illustrating the Śvetāmbara Jaina Āgamas Today
> Balbir
Chapter 15
Entangled Temporality:
Contemporary Indian Artists and
> Their Retakes on the ‘Golden’ Age
Parul Dave Mukherji

Chapter 16
> Paris, Little Lhasa: On Global Perspectives of Contemporary
Tibetan Art or The
> Multiplicity of Artistic Golden Ages
Regina Höfer 
List of
> Plates
Notes on Contributors

SAAC Volume 2 will appear in the
> autumn and is "The Hindu Temple: Structure
and Symbols" by Tiziana
> Lorenzetti.

With questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact
> me

With best wishes,


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