[INDOLOGY] In search of three plates from Calcutta Review, Vol. XI (1849)

jacob at fabularasa.dk jacob at fabularasa.dk
Mon Aug 25 11:06:27 UTC 2014

Dear list,

I am trying to obtain a copy of the three plates attached to the 
following article:

Shome, Baboo Bipin Behari (1849) "Physical Errors of Hinduism" in 
Calcutta Review, Vol. XI, pp. 397-444.

The plates are attached as follows:

Pl. I: Btw. pages 422 & 423
Pl. II: Btw. pages 440 & 441
Pl. III: Btw. pages 438 & 439

The plates are missing from the DLI scan, and in the Google Books scan 
they have not been unfolded before being scanned. See, for example, 
plate I:


(Plate I is especially interesting since the author apparently did not 
recognize it is a gyan chaupar gameboard, but simply treated it as a 
cosmological drawing of the Mount Meru world system - which it, of 
course, also is.)

If anyone has access to the plates in full, and would be so kind as to 
supply me with a full scan of them, I would be most grateful.

Kind regards,

Jacob Schmidt-Madsen
Department of Indology
University of Copenhagen

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