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Greetings Howard Resnick,


Yes, it is indeed sad that the only Muslim spiritual practice that's
comparable to some Buddhism and some Christianity are the determined
attempts by some Sunnis to kill it off. 


It is heartening to know that in Indian Panjab, after Partition when old
mazars of Sufi saints had fallen into dust and desertion, some Dalits of all
backgrounds began to save them and preserve the Sufi practices in and around
them while celebrating the Urs of the different Saints of Panjab, some of
whose verses still reverberate in the minds of Panjabis no matter where they


For inspiring revelations of some of these efforts, I recommend two films of
a trilogy on Partition made by Ajay Bhardwaj, a Panjabi as well: _Rabba Hun
Kee Kariye_ (Thus departed our neighbours), and _Milange Babey Ratan De Mele
Te_ (We shall meet at the festival of Baba Ratan). The first is sober and
quiet, the second wild and festive. 

Contact for Ajay Bhardwaj is:ajayunmukt at gmail.com  His website is here:


(I want to note that links mentioning comments I once made on the film pages
are dysfunctional.)


Best wishes,

Joanna kirkpatrick

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