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I’m not sure if a reference to a Tamil epic would meet your expectations. 

A reference to a “kaṉṉi māṭam (கன்னி மாடம்)” is found in the buddhist epic Manimekalai. This citation definitely refers to a storied, structured abode for certain women, outside of a “varṇa” household/marriage. Also, there’s a reference to “aṟavōr paḷḷi அறவோர் பள்ளி)” meaning the 'residence of ascetics' which type of abode also permitted women to reside therein. 

Not sure what they were for, but it seems that women who sought refuge from the society were accommodated in this kind of abode. There’s evidence for women receiving “advice” and joining in this kind of abode in the story of Manimekalai.  

I think that this concept of “kanya gurukula” is non-vedic, but buddhist or something else. 

I’d like to learn more. 

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> Dear Indology,
> Would someone be able to share information regarding kanya gurukulas during the pre-modern period? When and where are they first mentioned? 
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