[INDOLOGY] TOC: International Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS) Vol. 10 No. 1 (April 22, 2014)

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Tue Apr 22 19:05:09 UTC 2014

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am happy to announce that we have just published the *International
Journal of Tantric Studies (IJTS)* vol. 10, n. 1:

In this issue
Editorial Note: The IJTS in Print and KindlePapers: India Elections 2014:
The End of “Caste and Politics” by Alessandro Cisilin ; “The Emergence of
the Nāthyogī Order in the Light of Vernacular Sources” by Monika Horstmann.
AbstractsIndia Elections 2014: The End of “Caste and Politics”by Alessandro

This paper analyzes the correlation between caste and voting behavior.
Cisilin attempts to demonstrate that, like in most democracies, basic
material aspects such as poverty and inequality, and not the continuing
intellectual discourse on castes are the deciding factor in India’s
political process.
 The Emergence of the Nāthyogī Order in the Light of Vernacular Sourcesby
Monika Horstmann Mainly on the basis of Sanskrit sources, the consolidation
of the Nāthyogīs’ tradition into the Nāth *sampradāya*, a religious order
that came to express its identity also by a distinct set of sectarian
marks, has been tentatively dated around the eighteenth century. Vernacular
sources allow for pushing back to at least the beginning of the sixteenth
century the emergence of those marks, as well as the existence of branches
of what from some point in history would constitute the Nāth *sampradāya*.


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