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It is with great sadness that I read about the passing of Professor
Jan Heesterman. He was in many different ways a remarkable person and
personality and I am glad and grateful to have had him as my mentor -
being, as he said himself, one of his most "unlikely" products. In spite
of, or perhaps thanks to, the fact that our fields of research and writing
were quite different, we were able to engage in sparkling discussions and
differences of opinions. These have helped me to grow academically. It was
only at a later stage and by working outside the sometimes quite narrow
field of Indology that I realised how strongly his ideas have influenced my
own work.

I wish his family all strength to bear this great loss. I also wish the
academic community great strength to cope with the loss of one of its great
thinkers - a loss that is irreplaceable.

Hanne M. de Bruin

Dr. Hanne M. de Bruin-Rajagopal
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Dr. Hanne M. de Bruin-Rajagopal
Executive Director
M: +91 9894 2999 40

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Grateful for the important and remarkable contributions Prof.
Heestermanhas given to
indology since his 1957 thesis on the Rajasuya (produced under J. Gonda),
the passing away of Prof. Heesterman still feels like a great actual loss
as he has continued to work and publish well into the 21st century
including very recently on the Mahabharata. In Vedism, his first and main
but not his only field of research, the last contribution I know of was the
one to the Ch. Malamoud Festschrift "The Dakṣiṇā and the Development of
Sacrifice" (2012). Prof. Heesterman still used to preferably WRITE his
scientific work by hand, without use of typewriter let alone computer. The
handwritten version was then typed and corrected.
Condolences to his family.
Jan Houben

On 15 April 2014 10:12, peter bisschop <pcbisschop at googlemail.com> wrote:

> Dear friends and colleagues,
> It is with profound regret that I announce the passing of Prof. Dr.
> Jan Heesterman yesterday afternoon. Prof. Heesterman was one of the
> great Dutch Indologists of the 20th century and a wonderful person. I
> am sorry to be the bearer of this very sad news to many of you.
> Peter Bisschop
> Leiden University

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