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Hi !

I was searching the net and came across your site and read about the forum.
My uncle was a professor of Indology and has written many books. His
daughter has compiled his last written Forty Essays on Indological Studies
in two volumes. Given below a profile of Prof Bagchi and the brief of the
two books that his daughter has compiled. Can you suggest how we can get
the two volumes to the international libraries for Indological Studies?
Universities or Institutes?

   - Prof P.C.Bagchi (Prabodh Chandra Bagchi Nov.1898-Jan.1996) was a
   renowned Orientalist who gave a new perspective to historical research with
   his numerous contributions to the fields of Indology, Sinology,Tibetan
   Studies,Central Asian Studies and Buddhist Studies.
   - He was an able student of Sylvain Levi, the great French
   Orientalist.P.C.Bagchi while in Sorbone University worked under the leading
   Orientalists like Paul Pelliot, Henri Maspero, Jules Bloch and Antoine
   Meillet.He was awarded the Degree of Docteur es Lettres in 1926.
   - He worked in various capacities in Calcutta University and
   Visva-Bharati and when passed away he was the Vice-Chancellor of
   Visva-Bharati University.
   - Some of his important books are: Le Canon Bouddhique en Chine:Les
   Traducteurs et les Traductions published in 1927
   - Deux Lexiques Sanskrit-Chinois published in 1929
   - Kaula-Jnana-Nirnaya and some minor texts of the school of
   Matsyendranatha published in 1934
   - Pre-Aryan and Pre-Dravidian in India:1929
   - Studies in the Tantras 1939
   - India and China;A Thousand Years of Sino-Indian Cultural Contact 5th
   edition 2006
   - India and Central Asia 1955
   - Caryagiti kosa of Buddhist Siddhas 1956

*Forty Essays on Indological Studies: A collection from the works of
P.C.Bagchi in two volumes is a compilation of forty essays 10 essays in
vol.1 and 30 essays in vol.2, contributed by Bagchi between 1921 and 1956
 to various journals,presidential addresses delivered at History Congress,
commemorative volumes.*

Contents of Vol.I

   - Dohakosa with notes and translations,
   - The Sibilants of the Buddhist Dohas,
   - Materials for a critical edition of the old Bengali Caryapadas ,
   - Early Medieval Mysticism and Kabir,
   - Castes of Indian Mystics,
   - The Sandhabhasa and Sandhavacana,
   - Some Linguistic Notes on some Tantric Texts studied in ancient
   - Notes on Foreign Element in the Tantras,
   - Evolution of the Tantras

Contents of Vol.II

   - A Note on Painted Banner,
   - A Nepalese Pata of the Sudhanakumaravadana,
   - Brahmayamala Tantra ch iv.
   - A new text on Pratimalaksmana,
   - On the image making of Pingalamata ch iv,
   - Some Brahmanical miniatures from Nepal,
   - Sulika,Culika and Culika-Paisaci,
   - Kuchean or Western Arsi:A forgotten language of the Indo-European
   - Ba'urah or Bauza?,
   - Introduction to Adhyatma Ramaynam,
   - Ancient Chinese names of India,
   - Sino-Indian Relations- The period of the United Empires I,II,
   - Sino-Indian spheres of Influences,
   - New Lights on the Chinese inscriptions of Bodhgaya,
   - Primitive elements of Jainism,
   - On the Purvas,
   - Indian Sciences in the Far East,
   - Bodhicitta-vivarana of Nagarjuna,
   - A Buddhist monk of Nalanda amongst the Western Turks,
   - Expansion of Buddhism, Presidential Address:The Indian History
   - Presidential Address Oriental Conference 1946,
   - Khotan as a cultural outpost of India,
   - Abel Bergaigne and his interpretation of the Vedas,
   - Victor Jacquemont in India,
   - Sylvain Levi, Bunyu Nanjo(1849-1927),
   - The Legend of Buddhaghosa,
   - A new source of the political history of Kmarupa,
   - The Island of K'un-Lun and Candradvipa,
   - On the antiquity of the name 'Kasthamandapa or Katmandu

Look forward to hearing from you.


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