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> (For more details follow the links below)
> Title :   Abhinavā: Perspectives on Abhinavagupta (Studies in Memory  
> of K.C. Pandey on His Centenary)
> Author: Navjivan Rastogi (Ed.) & Meera Rastogi (Joint ed.)
> About the Volume:
> Till the advent of Prof. K.C. Pandey on the Indological horizon, the  
> Sanskrit academy was hardly aware that Abhinavagupta—the most  
> towering creative genius of medieval India—was more a philosopher  
> than a literary critic and that his foray into poetics, in fact art  
> and aesthetics as such, was to complement and substantiate his  
> metaphysical and soteriological vision and that his contribution has  
> been phenomenal in both the realms along with their allied and  
> applied ramifications. It was largely for Pandey to unearth  
> Abhinavagupta from the historical and academic oblivion and  
> highlight the unique poignancy of Abhinavan contribution as being  
> nurtured by a unified dynamic integral world-view having perfection,  
> that is, oneness of the being and the beautiful, experience and  
> expression, beingness and bliss, foundationally enshrined in its  
> epicenter. Thus, Pandey proved to be a “path discoverer,”  
> pathikrt and a “system-builder,” tarkasya karta. He  
> consistently , and cogently, demonstrated through his numerous  
> writings the intrinsically reciprocal congeniality that obtained  
> between the Trika metaphysics on the one hand and its aesthetics on  
> the other, where the former constitutes the genesis (karana hetu) of  
> the theory of art and the latter the psycho-epistemological  
> synthesis to the proper understanding of the tantrico-philosophical  
> stipulations. The volume opens with a fairly long preface  
> introducing the underlying theme and spirit of the whole venture  
> followed by a biographical essay on Pandey’s inspiring life plus a  
> comprehensive bibliography of his writings. The opening segment is  
> followed by the Part One comprising reminiscences from a cross- 
> section of his students and admirers including quite a few surviving  
> close associates and contemporaries. The next two parts constitute  
> the substantive portion and are devoted to Kashmir Shaivism and  
> Abhinavan aesthetics, respectively.
> <ABHINAVA.jpg>
> http://www.mrmlonline.com/?page=shop/flypage&product_id=2302734&keyword=Navjivan+Rastogi+(Ed.)+&+Meera+Rastogi+(Joint+ed.)&searchby=author&offset=0&fs=1
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