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Publication announcement:

?ivasv?min's Kapphi??bhyudaya. Ed. by Michael Hahn. New Delhi: Aditya Prakashan 2013. vii, 463 pp. ISBN 978-81-7742-129-3. 1,600 IRs.

Content: Preface to the Indian Edition; Sanskrit text of the Kapphi??bhyudaya; Selected variant readings; Index of verses; Appendix I: English translations of cantos viii and xx; Appendix II: Analytic text of cantos vi, xviii, and xix; Appendix III: Postscript  to the reprint Delhi 1989; Appendix IV: Gauri Shankar's introduction of 1937; Appendix V: Citrak?vya diagrams

This edition replaces the Gauri Shankar's editio princeps of 1937 and its reprint, both of which are out of print. The Sanskrit text is given in Devanagari. The edition is based on the oldest palm leaf manuscript from Nepal (11th century?) which allowed to correct many mistakes and fill the numerous gaps of the first edition.

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