[INDOLOGY] Meaning and Explanation of 'chāyāpuruṣa'

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Sun Oct 13 17:44:37 UTC 2013

Dear Indologists,

I have been trying to find out the meaning of 'chāyāpuruṣa' in the context of Tāntric texts. Monier Williams simply says 'Puruṣa in the form of a shadow' and Apte does not mention it. How do I understand the expressions like chāyāpuruṣopadeśavidbhiḥ (Tantrāloka-viveka-3.5ab) or chāyāpuruṣopadeśapariśīlanena (Īśvarapratyabhijñā-vivṛti-vimarśinī, Vol.1, p. 159) or chāyāpuruṣaparīkṣāyāmityarthāt (Svacchandatantra-udyota 7.267)? Who are considered to be the learned people in the teachings of chāyāpuruṣa (chāyāpuruṣa-vid) ? I should be grateful if someone can guide me to the right sources or throw some light on 'chāyāpuruṣa'. You can also write to me off-list. Thanks very much in advance.

Best wishes.

Mrinal Kaul

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