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I think you would find the Wikipedia entry on
Dharma<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dharma>would answer your

References to words in the RV can be easily had by fetching the text from
GRETIL or elsewhere, and just searching.  But that's not enough.  Meanings
arise only from sentences.  So you have to read and understand the
sentences and think about the meanings.  For example, the use and meaning
of the word "dharma" in the RV is very different from "dharma" in the

There is important scholarship from Olivelle, developed over recent years,
that suggests that the development of the Brāhmaṇa dharmaśāstra literatures
is a direct response to the challenge of the Buddha's use of dhamma as a
key term on which to  hang his teaching.  Pre-Buddhist uses of the word are
not prominent, ideologically speaking.
​Dominik Wujastyk​

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