[INDOLOGY] Speijer's Sanskrit Syntax -- the INDOLOGY edition

Christopher Wallis bhairava11 at gmail.com
Mon May 27 16:53:12 UTC 2013

Dear colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the moving forward of the first publication
produced by the members of the INDOLOGY list, the re-formatted version of
Speijer's classic Sanskrit Syntax. This project is, as Dr Wujastyk
suggested, a "proof of concept" for a new era in book publication. We
propose to bring out this publication entirely through our own efforts,
utilizing the resources that have become available in the 21st century
(OCR, cloud computing, affordable print-on-demand, etc.). This experiment
may be a harbinger for the possibility of an "INDOLOGY Press" -- in-house
publications of the work of list members or other scholars approved by list
members (who perform the function of "gatekeeping"). I see no reason why
such a press could not acquire the prestige of any other academic press,
and instead of selling our rights to profit-making entities (e.g.
Springer), we retain our rights and whatever revenues come from our
publications, if any. With print-on-demand, we need not worry about losses,
other than the time we spend, which in a collaborative model will not be an
unreasonable investment.

Our plan is to produce a version of Speijer appealing to graduate students
today and useful for linguists generally. The book will be offered for free
in soft copy and for a reasonable price through print-on-demand. We have
received offers of help with proofreading etc. that are much appreciated,
and we are happy to receive more such offers, especially from those versed
with solving the technical challenges that may crop up.

If I may offer an optimistic benediction: May the success of this
experiment contribute to a revolution in academic publishing that benefits
all us!

best wishes,
Chris Wallis
UC Berkeley

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