[INDOLOGY] Brill acquires the Forsten Indology list

Will Sweetman will.sweetman at gmail.com
Wed May 15 08:12:03 UTC 2013

>From Brill's press release announcing its 2012 results:

> Brill’s net profit in 2012 (EUR 5.7 million) is the highest ever in the company’s history. 
> Operational margin (EBITDA/revenue) decreased to 15.4% (2011: 16.7%).     

Who knows how much of this came from its Indological list, but a part of it will have come from an edited volume I ordered (for our library) for the usual €150 or US$200. It was quite clear that next to no editorial work had been done. Just one example: one chapter, clearly lifted from the author's dissertation, referred to something mentioned "in the previous chapter" -- evidently, of the dissertation, not the edited volume, in which the previous chapter was by another author on an unrelated topic. Of course the editors bear some responsibility for this, but the press surely does too, especially at these prices.  

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