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Tue May 14 15:29:32 UTC 2013

Hi Jim,

Have been going there for the past several years; as of late (since the
last proper librarian departed) things have taken a turn for the worse (and
they were already bad).  Those currently in charge of the collections do
not know how to find materials; many volumes are missing; the rest are in
bad shape.  Last time I went (last summer), they asked for a Rs 200
'donation' for each manuscript I asked to see.

However, all that being said, it is possible to see the mss.  Officially,
one cannot photocopy or photograph them, but it does happen.  If you need
materials from there, I would suggest going in person (or sending a very
persistent and knowledgeable proxy), and being prepared to go into the
collections and look for the materials yourself (though again, that's not
supposed to happen).

Effective working hours are 11:00am to 4:00 pm.


PS- Am writing an article on the NPS on exactly this topic.

On Tue, May 14, 2013 at 10:42 AM, Jim Mallinson <jim at> wrote:

> Dear List Members,
> Does anybody have recent experience of trying to get copies of mss from
> the Nāgarī Pracāriṇī Sabhā in Varanasi? If so, I'd be very grateful to hear
> whether or not you were successful.
> Yours, with best wishes,
> Jim Mallinson
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