[INDOLOGY] Request infromation on Siṃhatilaka Sūri

Ales Petrocchi pahitatta at gmail.com
Sun May 12 20:17:24 UTC 2013

Dear List Members,

I would appreciate any suggestions about the following:

I am translating for my PhD thesis  part of the commentary on the Sanskrit
mathematical text *Gaṇitatilaka *by Śrīpati.

The commentator Siṃhatilaka Sūri was a Jain from Gujarat (13th  CE).
According to Pingree, he also wrote a  *vṛtti* on the *Bhuvanadīpaka* by
Padmaprabha Sūri.

Does anyone know if there is a published edition of it ? (the *vṛtti*  I

 It seems the commentator is also the author of the
: anuvāda tathā bhāvārtha sahita *

and of the *Śrīsiṃhatilakasūriviracitaṃ Mantrarāja rahasyam.*

In the published edition of the *Gaṇitatilaka* by Kapadīā 1937, one finds
that the  incomplete unique manuscript of this work was possessed by Sheth
Mohanlal Hemacand Jhaveri.

I wonder if anybody knows where this manuscript is right now.

The majestic but unfinished Pingree ’s Census cannot unfortunately  help!

Any suggestions?

The edition was published by the Baroda Oriental Institute.  By the way, I
am going to Gujarat for research reasons sometimes in the next year.

Thank you very much in advance,


Alessandra Petrocchi.

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