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Subject: FELLOWSHIPS> Post-doctoral Positions at the Oriental Institute 
in Prague (Holba)
Thread-Topic: FELLOWSHIPS> Post-doctoral Positions at the Oriental 
Institute in Prague (Holba)

From: "Holba, Jiří" <Jiri.Holba at ff.cuni.cz>
Subject: Offering of one-year fellowships (post-doctoral position)

Dear collegues,

Oriental Institute is offering one-year fellowships to outstanding 
scholars (with a preference on non-Czech residents) of history and 
cultures of the countries of Asia (with a preference on Middle East and 
North Africa, South Asia, East Asia) for the 2013-2014 academic year.

Eligibility: This position is open to recent PhDs (as a post-doctoral 
position). PhD must be completed by September 1, 2013.

Terms: The position is open beginning by September 2013 (negotiable). 
The annual salary will be in the 12.000-14.500 EUR range. Researchers 
are expected to be in residence at the Oriental Institute in Prague. 
During their residence, researchers are required to produce academic 
publications (ideally turn their doctoral dissertations into monographs) 
and participate in all Oriental Institute seminars and other events. We 
reserve the right not to fill this position.

Deadline for applications: May 31, 2013.

Notification: June 30, 2013. Inquiries: Please direct inquiries to 
Ondrej Beranek at beranek at orient.cas.cz or call 00420 - 266 052 488.

Application: Please submit all of the following materials: 1) CV and 
Publication List 2) Project proposal a. In three to five pages (double 
spaced 12 pt. font) please explain the project you would undertake in 
the starting stage of your residence. In addition please include a 
separate bibliography of works to demonstrate how this project relates 
to the current state of research. b. A strong proposal articulates a 
clear hypothesis and methodology; outlines a clear and realistic work 
plan; and demonstrates how this contributes to an original understanding 
of Asian regions. 3) Writing Samples a. Please include a writing sample 
of no more than 20 pages. b. Please include a Dissertation Abstract of 
no more than 2 pages. 4) Two letters of Recommendation a. Please list 
the names, addresses and occupations of the two persons, not related to 
you, who will submit letters of recommendation on your behalf. Letters 
of recommendation must be submitted by the deadline for the application 
to be complete.

Mailing Instructions: Please send the application and letters either 
electronically to: beranek at orient.cas.cz or mail it to: Dr. Ondrej 
Beranek Orientalni ustav AV CR (ORIENTAL INSTITUTE, ASCR) Pod 
vodarenskou vezi 4 182 08 Praha 8 Ceska republika (CZECH REPUBLIC)


Thanks a lot! With very best wishes,

Jiří Holba, PhD.
Orientální ústav AV ČR & Filosofická fakulta UK Praha


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