[INDOLOGY] Citsabheśotsavasūtra

Andrea Acri andreaacri at mac.com
Sun Mar 17 11:29:08 UTC 2013

Dear List members,

I am trying to get a copy (preferably a scan) of the Citsabheśotsavasūtra; the text is mentioned several times in David Smith’s ‘The dance of Śiva’, and appears in its bibliography as follows:

Citsabhesotsavasutra, Cidambaraksetrasarvasva, vol. 11, Ed. Somasetu Diksita, Chidambaram, M.S. Trust, 1982.

I realize that it might be hard to locate this publication, let alone get a copy. I'd like to contact Dr. Smith, but I don't know his email address. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

With best regards,


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