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Dear Reinhold,

I would be very glad indeed to mention any processing that you did on
OliverHellwig's e-text
of the RRS.  This is just what SARIT is about.  But there is no documentation
about this available to me from the e-text itself (that doesn't mention
your contribution) or from GRETIL.  Could you tell me what you got from Oliver,
and what you did to it additionally (and when)?  Then I can add that
information to the TEI header.  At present, the SARIT edition of the
text presents
it as the work of Oliver Hellwig.

I have already queried Oliver about the background of the mūla text of Rasa
ratnasamuccaya 1-5, to find out whether he retyped these chapters from the
1927 Calcutta edition, or whether he reused the e-text that was typed by
Anne, Somdev and Wieslaw under my supervision as a Wellcome Institute
project, from the Anandashrama edition, and released through INDOLOGY in
1993.  I am waiting for his reply.  I'm still trying to sort out the
details of what this e-text really is.  It doesn't really matter if it's a
chimera, as long as it's clearly documented.  And of course, I hope it will
continue to be supplemented and enriched in the future.

Incidentally, Oliver gave his permission to release his e-text under a CC


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