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On 26.06.2013, at 19:09, Herman Tull wrote:

> In the USA, [...]
> Is there an equivalent introductory text that was used in Europe (Stenzler?)  Do European Sanskrit students also work with Nala as a first text [...]?

When I studied at Utrecht (now since years sadly without Indology, despite the achievements of Gonda, Zvelebil and others), we used Gonda's *Kurze Elemantargrammatik der Sanskritsprache* (of which English and French versions exist too, but we used the German-language version), and the first text were Nala and Sāvitrī in the edition by Caland (with glossary).

Here at Munich, the grammar is Stenzler, though Sanskrit teachers here have also experimented with Coulton and, more successfully, with *Sanskrit für Anfänger* by Thomas Lehmann in Heidelberg (which, to my knowledge, is still in progress and has not yet appeared in book form).

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