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Remmer, Ulla Ulla.Remmer at assoc.oeaw.ac.at
Thu Jun 20 11:24:49 UTC 2013

Dear list-members,

while working the historical sound recordings from India I want to express my thanks for the most valuable help I already got via the Indology list!

Currently I am occupied with the Sāmaveda-recordings of the Kauthuma school made by Felix Exner in 1905 in Kolkata and Chennai. Bernhard Geiger who worked on the recordings before 1912 had 2 editions of the Gānas at hand: The one of the Bibliotheca Indica and another one in volume 2 of a periodical named “Ushā” (also once called “The Dawn”) which was edited by Satyavrata Sāmaśramī in Calcutta (no. 1.4 of it was printed probably in the year 1890). I cannot get hold of this journal Ushā here in Vienna nor can I find it in another library within reach. Has anyone a copy of Ushā vol. 2 at hand? I would be grateful for a few pages scanned and mailed to me.

Thank you and best regards,

Ulla Remmer

Dr. Ulla Remmer
Phonogrammarchiv of the Austrian Academy of Sciences
Liebiggasse 5
A-1010 Wien

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