[INDOLOGY] Pdfs of two Hara (Minoru) articles?

Johanna Buss johanna.buss at googlemail.com
Fri Jun 14 08:46:38 UTC 2013

Dear Dominik, dear all,

thank you, Dominik, for apologizing and pointing to the copyright.

As Dominik rightly mentions, the link below, posted on Wednesday at the
Indology list, refers to the full pdf-copy of a book that was published and
is still distributed by the De Nobili Research library (DNRL).

The DNRL is a small non-profit organization which aims at the dissemination
of the results of research into Indian Religions and pursues this aim
mainly through the publications of its series. Future publications rely on
the income from the sale of these publications.

As members of the board of the DNRL we therefore request you to remove the
book in question from the webspace at which the link is directed or, if you
don't have access to this webspace, please delete at least the link from
Indology's archive.

The book can be purchased for 32 Euros under this link:


The processing of the order usually takes only a few working days.

With best regards,

on behalf of the board of DNRL
Johanna Buss

2013/6/14 Dominik Wujastyk <wujastyk at gmail.com>

> Dear colleagues,
> The link I posted in an earlier email, as Hara's 1966 dissertation, was
> not correct.  I posted a link to a later 2002 work that is still in
> copyright.  My sincere apologies to the publishers, the author, and
> everyone concerned.  If you wish to read the 2002 work, please buy a
> physical copy from the publishers<http://www.istb.univie.ac.at/cgi-bin/sdn/sdn.cgi?order_form=1>
> !
> Sincerely,
> Dominik
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