[INDOLOGY] dacoits, bandits, thugs and other unsavory characters

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As a
secondary task I have collected data on the dangers on the road mentioned in
the Atharvaveda, particularly the Paippalāda-Saṃhitā in course of editing the
text. As far as I understand they do not exclude reference to highway robbers. These
have not yet been published, but I shall try to add the required information in
the Introduction to the 4th volume which, depending on the
publishers, might be published in not too distant a future. I may assure that
the AVP is richer than the RV or AVŚ in this regard.

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A colleague has asked: " where in the Vedas and other relatively ancient 
texts might I find references to dacoits, bandits, etc."

Bob Hueckstedt

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