[INDOLOGY] dacoits, bandits, thugs and other unsavory characters

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The closest I can come up with is the following

tad yatra vai kṣatreṇāraṇyenaiti yo vai tatra taṁ dasyur jānāti yad yat syālvaṁ vā madhu vā bhavati tenāsmā āvir bhavati (JB 2.423)
‘Now if someone goes through the jungle with a kṣatriya (or: with a jungle-kṣatriya ?), if a non-Aryan notices him there, he shows himself to him with all the friendliness and sweetness at his disposal.’
There is, of course, also the bargaining for soma with a jungle dweller, but this does not convey echoes of dacoitry.

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Hans Henrich Hock

On 5 Jun 2013, at 17:40, Robert A. Hueckstedt wrote:

A colleague has asked: " where in the Vedas and other relatively ancient texts might I find references to dacoits, bandits, etc."

Bob Hueckstedt

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