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To All,

       A few days ago,I was keenly watching the ongoing discussion on the chronology of Vedic period. Howver, if I intend to go a bit deeper into the issue and concentrate on the  implication of the word-VEDA,I find it to be an interesting study.

                  While studying Upanishads,as a part of my Indological studies, I came across a Karika,(Elaboration) on the various meanings attached to the word Veda, apart from the one commonly known i.e.to know. 

             It goes something like this-

             Betti Bed Bid Gyane,Binte Bid Bicharane,

             Bidyate Bid Satyam Labhe, Bindati,Bindate


                  Veda is that:-

             By which the ultimate truth is known

             Where the veracity of  ultimate Truth has been judged

             Where the ultimate thruth shows it's presence

             Where the ultimate truth resides.

               Thus it is evident that the word Veda carries many more connotations tha we usually know.Perhaps this leaves a subtle hint to the wide canvas  of ancient Hindu Philosophy, where a certain concept may be expressed in as many ways as one likes to. Perhaps this is what Sri Ramkrishna,the Spiritual Guru to Swami Vivekananda,refered to when he said- As many ideas, as many ways .


                   I will be grateful on further elaboration on this subject.

                                        ALAKENDU DAS


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