[INDOLOGY] scribal self-recitation while copying

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Dear Jonathan,

While not discussed in a South Asian context Harry Gamble's book: Books and
Readers in the Early Church: A History of Early Christian Texts contains
some discussion of the phenomenon you refer to. See especially pp. 88-90.
Though there may be more discussion than this.


I hope this helps.


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dear Colleagues.

Recently I told a student that errors in transcription which appear prima
facie to be due to oral recitation may well also stem from copying a written
exemplar, since scribes are known to recite to themselves, as it were, when
copying. I think/thought that this was well known, but she tells me that
she's looked around and not found a discussion of this idea. I have no idea
now where I learnt it (although i believe it to be true). Any references?

thanks so much, jonathan

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