[INDOLOGY] question for European Indologists

Daniela Rossella ghezziem at tin.it
Thu Jul 4 15:36:09 UTC 2013

Dear all, I can add Grammatica sanscrita by Giovanni Flechia (1856),  
Elementi di Grammatica sanscrita by Oreste Nazari (1892) and  
Grammatica dell'antico indiano by Vittore Pisani (1930). When I was a  
student - alas! many years ago... - my beloved teacher, Carlo Della  
Casa, gave me also Grammatica critica linguae sanscritae by Franz  
Bopp, because Latin was considered, in those times, a sort of  
universal (or, better, pan-European) language. Nowadays, in Italy  
student learn Sanskrit through the grammars written by Della Casa or  
Saverio Sani (1991), but quite recently also Roberto Perinu published  
his Tabulae Sancriticae (in 7 small volumes printable on demand, in  
Italian despite the title).
All the best, Daniela Rossella

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