Mystery chapter of the Rudrayaamala Tantra

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You may wish to refer to p. 42 of Rosane Rocher and Ludo Rocher,///The 
Making of Western Indology: Henty Thomas Colebrooke and the East India 
Company /(Routledge, 2012). //

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Subject: 	[INDOLOGY] Mystery chapter of the Rudrayaamala Tantra
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I am trying to track down a text that is alluded to in a late eighteenth 
century essay by Henry Colebrooke as the “Garland of Classes” 
(/Jaatimaala/). It is, in his words, a chapter of/Rudra-yaamala-tantra/.

It is not clear from what /Rudra-yaamala-tantra/ Colebrooke owned; a 
work by that name does not appear in his extant collection of 
manuscripts. Current scholarly consensus on the /Rudra-yaamala-tantra/ 
suggests that, though routinely cited as an important text in the Kaula 
Tantric tradition, the “original” text is lost. There is a version of a 
text with the same name has been published in a Sanskrit edition by the 
Vacasampati Press, Calcutta. However, it does not contain a 

Can anybody shed light on the nature or whereabouts of this elusive chapter?

Many thanks

Laura Harrington

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