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UMI (University Microfilms International) makes available almost all U.S. doctoral dissertations, current and past.  Glick's (AN ANALYSIS OF THE CHANGE PROCESS IN THE GURU-DISCIPLE RELATIONSHIP. (VOLUMES I AND II) by GLICK, STEPHEN Ph.D., Temple University, 1983, 582 pages; AAT 8311643) is available in several formats (e.g. PDF download for $37) on UMI's site Dissertation Express < >.


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Subject: [INDOLOGY] Phd thesis search

Dear Colleagues,
I would appreciate any assistance in locating a copy of Dr Stephen Glick's PhD thesis from 1982 on the guru disciple relationship.
The title is 'An analysis of the change process in the guru-disciple relationship'. So far I have only managed to find a sample copy of a few pages.
Patrick McCartney

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