Palm Leaf Fragment Attached to Funerary Papyrus

Jacob Schmidt-Madsen jacob at FABULARASA.DK
Wed Jan 23 15:34:39 UTC 2013

Thanks to Manu Francis and George Hart for clarifying.


George Hart skrev den 2013-01-23 16:24:
> The language and script of the attachment are modern Tamil.  George 
> Hart
> On Jan 23, 2013, at 6:43 AM, Jacob Schmidt-Madsen 
> <jacob at FABULARASA.DK> wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> McComas Taylor's posting of a mystery palm leaf manuscript reminded 
>> me of another mystery manuscript fragment which came to my attention 
>> recently. It is attached to one end of an Egyptian funerary papyrus 
>> (21st/22nd dynasty, 1075-716 BC) for sale at Sothesby's (no. 8918, lot 
>> 52):
>> The catalogue notes states: "A fragment of a Burmese Buddhist palm 
>> leaf manuscript is attached to the papyrus at right." However, a 
>> preliminary investigation has determined the script as Grantha, and 
>> the language as something other than Sanskrit (possibly Malayalam, 
>> though this is by no means certain).
>> I have attached a document with enlarged images of the fragment, but 
>> since the images were screenshot from the webpage referred above, 
>> unfortunately the quality is quite poor. I have also attached 
>> Sothesby's own description of the item.
>> I have not been able to determine just how the fragment is attached 
>> to the papyrus - and neither for what reason, whether by accident or 
>> not - but I would be most interested to hear any suggestions you might 
>> have. It has our Egyptologists here in Copenhagen baffled for sure!
>> Kind regards,
>> Jacob
>> Jacob Schmidt-Madsen
>> Assistant Teacher
>> Department of Indology
>> University of Copenhagen<Palm Leaf on Papyrus (Sothesbys No 
>> 8918-52).pdf><Sothesbys No 8918-52.pdf>

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