number of Sanskrit mss. and number of texts

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the late David Pingree told me something similar, so there may be something
more specific in his writings.  He did mention that due curatorial
problems, many of the mss mentioned in the late 19th century-early 20th
century ms catalogues are no more.

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> Richard Gombrich writes (in his Boden inaugural, "In Being Sanskritic"):
> "Surviving Sanskrit literature is many times as large as Latin and Greek
> literature together. There may be as many as two million manuscripts
> extant..."
> Is this a "standard" figure; does anyone have any other sources that
> support this figure? (Or, larger or smaller figures.)
> Along with this question, is there an estimate of the number of distinct
> texts (not just mss.) composed in Sanskrit?
> Thanks,
> Herman
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