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in technical terms, the journal HAU uses a now very common and widespread open source and free software system called Open Journal System. In Heidelberg it's for instance used for the Journal of Transcultural Studies ( and for the Journal of the International Association of Buddhist Studies ( 
The system has many options and therefore there is some learning curve involved, but I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in publishing a journal online (or bringing archives of a journal online). Some university libraries now run their own installations, thus removing the need for journal editors or publishers to install and configure software and take care of maintenance. 
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In the interest of bibliographic clarity, it may be pointed out that this issue of EJVS comprises what seems to be a virtually unmodified second edition of an article that has been published a few years ago.

Rotaru, Julieta
2009 The Śāntyudakavidhi in the Atharvavedic Tradition. In: Shripad G. Bhat, Shilpa Sumant and Ambarish Vasant Khare (eds.), Śrīnidhiḥ. Prof. Shrikant Shankar Bahulkar's Gratitude Volume, Pune: Saṁvidyā Institute of Cultural Studies, 162–204.

In any case like this, it seems to me a minimal requirement of scholarly transparency that editors and authors make sure that it is stated clearly that another publication with exactly the same title exists elsewhere, and state explicitly how the two pieces with the same title relate to each other.

On an indirectly related note, I have just seen this fully online journal: <>. It seems very well done, and might constitute a model to be striven after for Indological electronic journals. Has anyone among us already attempted anything in this direction?

Arlo Griffiths

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Subject: [INDOLOGY] New EJVS issue: J.Rotaru on the AV Śānty udakavidhi

Dear All,

we are pleased to announce the first issue of our Jubilee Volume, EJVS 20 (

The Śāntyudakavidhi in the Atharvavedic Tradition


Julieta Rotaru

see:  <>

Best wishes,
M. Witzel

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