6th Internat. Vedic Workshop, Kerala, Jan.2014

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Dear All, 

Exactly one year from now, we will continue with our tradition of holding Vedic workshops (1989-).

This time in the ideal location of Kerala, whose great Vedic traditions were brought to our attention by the work of the late Frits Staal, especially through his help in organizing the 1975 Agnicayana (J.F. Staal, Agni 1983).

We will meet in Kozhikode (Cochin), and we will organize several excursions to nearby locations of traditional Veda teaching and rituals.
Please note that Kozhikode has easy, direct airline connections to international destinations.

For details please see below, and:  < http://www.ivw2014.org>

Hope seeing you then!

Michael Witzel
(for the committee members)


Please consider to contribute to and/or forward to the appropriate groups the following opportunity to submit and publish original research results to the International Vedic Workshop 2014.
Call for Papers
The 6th International Vedic Workshop
Venue: Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala State, India 
Dates: 7th – 10th, January, 2014
Workshop Website: http://www.ivw2014.org
Dear colleagues: 

The 6th International Vedic Workshop will be held from January 7-10, 2014.

The workshop focuses on the Vedas and Vedic studies.

The prospective audience constitutes scholars of the Vedas and Vedic traditions, traditional scholars (Vaidikas, ritualists, and also scholars of Mimamsa), practitioners of Veda, Sanskrit scholars, etc.

The workshop committee calls for papers and proposals in, or related to, the following areas:

Vedic texts and rituals
Scholarly interpretation of Vedic texts
Traditional performance of Vedic texts.
Vedic traditions of Kerala: recitation, texts, commentaries, and rituals, and their applications in Srauta, Grhya, Tantra etc.
General Vedic traditions of other parts of India and Nepal, and recent transplants into the West
Important dates

Call for papers: 10th January, 2013
Abstract submission opening date: 1st March, 2013
Abstract submission closing date: 1st September, 2013
Date of declaration of review results: 15th October, 2013
Camera ready full paper submission date: 1st November, 2013

Submission Types

1. Short briefing papers: A short briefing paper contains a research briefing on one of the areas mentioned above. Such papers will be presented by the author in a round table discussion format at the workshop. These papers need not be extensive. Typical length is about 1500-2000 words. 

2. Research papers: Through such a paper, a research question or an argument is posed and subsequently verified / studied. Empirical work (quantitative or qualitative) is necessary. Research papers will be presented by the authors in a regular workshop session. These papers should be scholarly as well as informative. Typical length is about 5000-6000 words. All reviewed and accepted research papers will be considered for publication in the International Vedic Workshop proceedings. 

3. Case Studies: Case studies are typically descriptions of a given situation of an application of Veda. Names of organizations / actors can be kept anonymous to maintain confidentiality. Case studies will be presented by the authors at the workshop. Typical length is about 5000-6000 words. All reviewed and accepted case studies will be considered for publication in the International Vedic Workshop proceedings. 

4. Student Scholar Track: Up to six papers from Ph D scholars will be selected for the Student Scholar Track. Of the six papers, one will be selected for the Student Scholar Award. The primary author must necessarily be a Ph D scholar and must be present at the workshop. The primary author must email Prof. Shrikant Bahulkar, (shrikant.bahulkar at gmail.com ) and specify that they wish their submitted paper to be considered for the Student Scholar track. All reviewed and accepted student papers will be considered for publication in the International Vedic Workshop proceedings.

All research papers and case studies will be peer reviewed by the international workshop committee.

Additional information about paper submission can be found at http://www.ivw2014.org/Paper_submition.html

Registration information is posted at  http://www.ivw2014.org/Registration.HTML

The Chair of the workshop is Prof. Michael Witzel (Harvard University , USA). Email: witzel at fas.harvard.edu

For any other information on the workshop, you may visit http://www.ivw2014.org or contact the local workshop co-ordinator, Dr. P. Vinod Bhattathiripad (Chief Co-ordinator, www.namboothiri.com)

Thanks and looking forward to meet you at the workshop

The International Vedic Workshop 2014 Committee Members



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