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Indeed, Nandirudra is not a bull in the Haracaritacintaama.ni, nor in a lot of places elsewhere. For a recent discussion in the Tantric context, see the entry Nandin in the 3rd volume of the Tāntrikābhidhānako

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If I understand Judit correctly, the Nandirudra which Jayaratha writes of is not half-bull half-man. Identification of Nandin as Śiva's bull is a recent phenomenon; in the pre-modern period, the bull vehicle was just called Vṛṣabha while Nandin/Nandirudra was a gaṇa and one of Śiva's dvārapālas.

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Thanks to all of the Indological sleuths who responded to my query,

both on- and off-list. The collective knowledge of the scholars here

is astounding.

I should have mentioned that Kurma Purana 2.7.7 includes "vIrANAM

vIrabhadro 'haM." It therefore seems a little less likely to me that

"gaNeSAnAM ca vIrakaH" only three verses later at 2.7.10 would be a

repeated reference to Virabhadra. However, the identification of

Viraka with the half-bull, half-man form of Nandin, suggested by Drs.

Roebuck and Törzsök, makes a lot of sense.

Based on your responses, it also seems there is a dissertation waiting

to be written on the mythology and iconography of Nandin/Viraka. If

someone can point me to an article on Nandin that discusses this

humanoid form, I'd be grateful.

My annotated translation of the Isvara Gita (Kurma Purana 2.1-2.11),

including this verse about vIraka, will be available from SUNY Press

in 2014.

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