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Hi Andrew,

I’d wager a guess that Vīraka is short for Vīrabhadra, who is one of Śiva’s well-known gaṇas (though admittedly I hadn’t thought about *when* he enters Śiva’s entourage). If that’s the case bet the –ka suffix is probably abbreviative, for metrical purposes, rather than diminutive in meaning. :)

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Dear learned colleagues,

In Kurma Purana 2.7 there is a section praising Siva, in which classes
of beings are named and he is identified with the best in each of
those classes; this is similar to the section extolling Krsna at BhG

In the final quarter of 2.7.10 is "gaNeSAnAM ca vIrakaH". Can any of
you help me identify who this "vIraka" (mannikin, little man) is? Is
it a reference to some specific form of Siva, or perhaps to Skanda or
Ganapati himself?

Many thanks for your help.

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