[INDOLOGY] Two more Sanskritists from Pune passed away

Madhav Deshpande mmdesh at umich.edu
Fri Aug 2 11:07:15 UTC 2013

Besides Professor S.D. Joshi who passed away on July 28, Professor K.S.
Arjunwadkar passed away on July 29 and Professor P.S. Joshi passed away on
July 30.  Most of Arjunwadkar's publications were in Marathi.  Among his
significant contributions of Sanskrit are his masterly edition of the
Kāvyaprakāśa, and his own Sanskrit poetry, most well known in a collection
called Kaṇṭakāñjali.  He wrote a number of important books on the history
of Marathi grammar.  Prof. P.S. Joshi was an excellent Sanskrit teacher,
principal of the New English School, Ramanbag, in Pune, and later became
Professor of Sanskrit at the Fergusson College in Pune.  In his later life
he wrote an epic length Sanskrit poem Bhīmāyana on the life of Dr. B.R.

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