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This inscription is no. 3 (pp. 5-16) in Mirashi's book (which Richard
Salomon referred to). He accepts Bühler's dating. Mirashi rejects the
argument that Suresh Kolichala referred to (about the Nāṇeghāṭ inscription
being paleographically later than the Besnagar pillar inscription of
Heliodorus) on p. 5 of part I ("Palaeographic evidence is not quite
reliable when the distance in time is not large").

I happen to have Ajay Mitra Shastri's "Age of the Sātavāhanas" here, and in
his article (p. 24-25) he suggests that the Nāṇeghāṭ inscription was put up
by Vediśrī during or after the reign of his father Sātakarṇi I (whom
Shastri dates to 12BC-AD44).


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> There has been very little study of this inscription since Bu:hler's
> edition. But D.C. Sircar re-edited it in Select Inscriptions vol. 1, pp.
> 192-197 (with a few references to other sources) and dated it to "second
> half of first century B.C." (Sircar generally tended to give later dates
> than most other epigraphists for early inscriptions.)
> I believe that the date of this inscription has also been discussed by
> V.V. Mirashi, The History and Inscriptions of the Satavahanas and Western
> Kshatrapas, but I don't have a copy at hand. Probably Ajay Mitra Shastri
> has also talked about this in some of his historical publications.
> R. Salomon
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> Dear Members of the List,
> In 1883, Bühler edited and translated an inscription found in the Nānāghāt
> cave (Andhra Pradesh) in the Archaeological Survey of Western India, Vol.
> V, pp. 59–74.
> On the basis of epigraphic evidence, Bühler concluded that this
> inscription was incised between 200 and 150 BC (op. cit. p. 73).
> Has this dating been challenged since?
> Also, has any secondary literature on this inscription been produced after
> Bühler's paper and where can I find it?
> Many thanks in advance,
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