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Tim Cahill tccahill at LOYNO.EDU
Wed Sep 19 14:36:46 UTC 2012

Dear Dominik and all,

A list of about 30 films with short descriptions can be found here:

These were compiled by Jack E. Llewellyn, Missouri State University, 
from contributions to the Religions in South Asia list.

One video that my students have found useful is by Kesang Tseten:

On the road with the red god:  MACHHENDRANATH   (75 minutes)
This documentary shows the rowdy, interreligious side of the rath yatra, 
along with the touching story of a Newari Buddhist priest who was 
separated from his mother as a baby. This is tied to the traditional 
narrative of the theft of a god from a demoness to save the Kathmandu 
Valley. Kapil Muni's ritual duties include warding off the goddess once 
a year as she tries to recover her son.

I'd like to echo the call for using contemporary videos, especially from 
Youtube.  As an example, colleagues on another list pointed me to a clip 
from a Telugu classic (N.T. Ramarao) that depicts Rāvaṇa propitiating 
Śiva with a gut-wrenching performance.  It complements the readings 
we've done very well, and it gets across in 5-6 minutes, just how 
arduous tapas was imagined to be:

Or search in Youtube for:  Seeta Rama Kalyanam Part - 3

Tim Cahill
Loyola University

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