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Vanessa Sasson, Dr. vanessa.sasson at MCGILL.CA
Sun Sep 16 12:43:57 UTC 2012

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for a few new film recommendations for my Introduction to Hinduism course. I am embarrassed to admit that I still use the "Long Search Series" (which I love dearly), but our institutional copy is nearing the end of its life and I am certain that much better films have been produced since the 1970's! I don't use films very much and Hinduism is not actually my specialty, so I am very much out of the loop on this topic. The H-Buddhism list recently had a wonderful online conversation about good films to use for Buddhism courses and we compiled an extensive list of useful resources. I am hoping a similar phenomenon might take place here. I would be happy to compile all the recommendations that circulate as a result of this query and send them to the list.


Vanessa R. Sasson
Religious Studies
Marianopolis College

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