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Sorry, I should have given this address:

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R. Grünendahl

Von: Gruenendahl, Reinhold
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Betreff: AW: [INDOLOGY] Amarakosa commentary

The four volumes of the TSS edition, gathered from various sources, can now be downloaded from here:

(plain image PDFs with index/bookmarks)

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Betreff: [INDOLOGY] Amarakosa commentary

Dear all,

Colleagues have been so incredibly helpful with regards to scanned books
and papers. That is why I dare to ask whether some can provide me with a
digital copy of the following work

The Nâmaliṅgânusâsana of Amarasimha with The Commentary Tîkâsarvaswa
of Vandyaghatîya- Sarvânanda. Ed. by T. Gaṇapati Sâstrî. Trivandrum
1914. Trivandrum Sanskrit Series No. XXXVIII. (The Travancore Government

for an Indian colleague who will come to Marburg as research fellow. The
book is available in several German collections but because of the
brittle state of the older volumes of this prestigious series it might
be excluded from inter-library loan or too fragile to be copied.

Thanking you in advance,

Michael Hahn

Prof. Dr. Michael Hahn
Ritterstr. 14
D-35287 Amoeneburg
Tel. +49-6422-938963
Fax: +49-6422-938967
E-mail: hahn.m at

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