Search for Infinity in ancient India.

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 To all,
            While going through a few verses of the ISHA UPANISHAD I came across the following-" Purnamadah Purnamidam 
                      Purnatpurnam Udichhayte
                 Purnamasya Purnamadaya 
                      Purnam eba Abishyate."
              A literal English translation would be something like this-
                This is the full,That is the full
                 From the full flows the full
                 if the full is taken away from the Full
                   What remains is the Full.
   This may be the earliset attempt by mankind to define the concept of INFINITY in mathemetics. Were the UPANISHDS , the trend -setter in defining Infinity ?
 I would  be grateful and feel enriched  if anybody can throw some light on this .

             ALAKENDU DAS


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