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Thank you Sir very much for your valuable information. We find in Yogic texts, Svara is used in term of praa.na. 
As you would know, there is a text available known as "svarodaya". I wonder why it is called svarodaya"saastra, why not praa.nodaya.
As per avaialble materials we find in its colophon: iti umaamahe"svarasa.mbaade svarodayaj~naana.m sa.mpuur.nam. After I closely went through available aagamas and puraa.nas I could not find its source text. I would be grateful for further information and help on this subject.
Once again thanks to all of you for your valuable informations.
with Best Regards, 

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In the description of the generation of sound, Pāṇinīyaśikṣā vss 6cd and 7ab state:
‘The mind hits the bodily fire, that sends the (bodily) wind (=breath), the breath roaming in the breast generates a charming svara.’ 
The place of the wind ie breast seems to indicate that life-breath that is Prāṇa is meant. Not itself svara it is held responsible for its generation.

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Respected Scholars,

I am looking for the earliest textual references of "svara" used in term of "breathing" apart from Yogic texts. 
I find close evidences i.e  "praa.na is svara" in Upanisads.Still I look for it in particular in tantra literature. 

Thank you all in advance for your help and suggestions!

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