Narmada and Narbada

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Dear Sureshji,

Interesting question. I am aware of the use of the 'b' only in colonial,  
british sources ('Nerbudda/Narbada'). All the original texts (Sanskrit,  
Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati) I have seen in the course of my research on the  
Narmadaparikrama uniformly have the 'm'. In case you find the 'b' in any  
(South) Indian source, please let me know.


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> Does anyone know the phonological reasons for the alternation of the  
> river
> name 'Narmada' as 'Narbada'? I also see this river name sometimes being
> spelled as Narbedda.
> It is surprising to see a labial nasal winding up as an oral stop. Is  
> there
> any historical evidence to believe in a transformation of narmada >  
> narvada
>> narbada? /m/ > /v/ is very common in Dravidian, and /v/ > /b/ is common
> in the New Indo-Aryan (NIA) languages of East and Central India.
> I appreciate any responses.
> Regards,
> Suresh.
> Atlanta, GA.

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