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Jürgen Neuss juergen.neuss at FU-BERLIN.DE
Thu Oct 4 14:15:30 UTC 2012

Dear friends and colleagues,

I am struggeling with the reading of an unpublished Paramāra inscription  
which is found on a stone slab in the Amareśvara temple at Māndhātā, M.P.  
These slabs contain three Sanskrit stotras, of which two (the Mahimnastava  
and the Halāyudhastotra) are well-known and published. At the top of the  
first slab bearing these stotras is another inscription engraved in large  
characters which has apparently never even been mentioned, although it is  
clearly visible on a rubbing which was published in CII VII/3.
The inscription is in three short lines, two lines to the left, in larger  
characters, and another one in smaller characters to the right. Of the  
former I can read the first line without great difficulty as: "śrī  
amareśvaradevasya dānaṃ | valla” Here this line ends, the text -so it  
seems- continues below the first line, which I find, but for a few  
akṣaras, hard to decipher.
My problem is that, whenever I look at this line, I see something  
different and can’t yet make sense of the text. The third line on the  
right side, poses similar problems to me. I suppose that some of you are  
more trained in deciphering rock inscriptions than me and therefore humbly  
request you for help. It would be great to have a correct reading of these  
lines with your kind help and I will of course favourably refer to any  
You will find a scan of the respective part of the inscription here:
Thanks for your interest and kind cooperation.

Best regards,

Jürgen Neuss

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