Commentators on the Vishnu Purana

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Not a high profile publication, I use an edition in Bengali character with a Bengali translation brought about by Panchanan Tarkaratna and his associates in the beginning of the last century. The edition is almost devoid of printing errors and is printed in clear modern characters. The translation, unlike many nineteenth century works,is faithful and hence very convenient. The edition is highly prized by modern scholars but, as far as I know,a reprint is not available yet.

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Hello James,

I use:

Parimal Sanskrit Series no.21 : Visnumahapuranam of Maharsi Vedavyasa.  
With the Sanskrit Commentary "Atmaprakasa" of Sridharacarya (vol.I :  
amsas 1-3; vol. II: amsas 4-6). Edited by PT. Thaneshachandra Upreti.  
Delhi: Parimal Publications 2011. This is a new printing, nice clear  
nagari text with the commentary of the 14th century Sridharasvami  
whose commentary on the Bhagavata is well known.

I also use the Pathak Baroda 2-volume critical edition ViP which  
offers the BORI-style 2-column apparatus layout -- but no commentaries.

I as well would be curious to hear what other ViP commentaries beyond  
Sridhara are available & in use by others.


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Quoting James Hegarty <hegartyjm at GOOGLEMAIL.COM>:

> Dear Colleagues,
> Are any of you aware of works that take up commentators on the Vishnu
> Purana?
> I have been asked about commentaries on this text by a student and am
> embarrassingly ignorant!
> Should anyone have any texts of these commentaries (or references for them,
> if printed editions exist), I would also be grateful.
> The student reads Sanskrit well.
> Thanks in Anticipation,
> James Hegarty
> Cardiff University

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