Some new functions in the DCS

Oliver Hellwig hellwig7 at GMX.DE
Tue Mar 20 20:30:54 UTC 2012

Dear colleagues,

a few issues in the last releases of the DCS have been fixed now - thanks 
to those who reported them:
- Function "Nominal forms" on the details page is working again, and faster 
than before. The following overview of references is ordered in a 
comprehensible manner.
- Collocation search has an option for sort order (alphabetical/by 
frequency), which may be interesting for evaluating typical contexts of a 
lexical unit.
- Finally, another larger Sanskrit dictionary (Abhidhanacintamani of 
Hemadri, from the same volume as the other books) has been added to the 
"Book search" repository.

With best regards,
Oliver Hellwig
PD Dr. Oliver Hellwig
South-Asia Institute, Unversity of Heidelberg
Im Neuenheimer Feld 330
69120 Heidelberg, Germany

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