AAR Panel Proposal: Error Theories and Truth in Buddhism

Malcolm Keating c.malcolm.keating at GMAIL.COM
Mon Mar 5 19:59:36 UTC 2012

"Error Theories and Truth in Buddhism"
Buddhist Philosophy Group Panel at AAR (Chicago, November 17-20, 2012)

My colleague, Paul Williams (a fellow PhD student here at University of Texas - Austin working broadly in rationality and ethics) and I are proposing a paper session on Error Theories and Truth in Buddhism for the AAR Buddhist Philosophy Group Panel. The panel deadline is in just a couple of days, so if you are interested in presenting your research on this topic, please contact me as soon as possible. While my research is in analytic philosophy of language and Indian philosophy, we are looking for any papers which might fit this topic, broadly construed.

Best regards,

Malcolm Keating
PhD Candidate, Philosophy
University of Texas - Austin


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